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Removing the Stress of Managing the Life Insurance Claim


As featured in AFDA Magazine June 2023

Grieving the death of someone close to you can be a difficult.  Also, there are many things to consider.  Day-to-day expenses are likely to continue, causing financial worry and stress. 

Most superannuation fund (AustralianSuper, Cbus, Hostplus etc) have a default level of life insurance which may be available upon the death of the policy holder. 

AFRM Claims Advocacy (ACA) can help you access your loved one's life insurance claim (superannuation death benefit) and manage  the claim each step of the way. ACA remove the stress and hassle of dealing with the trustee and life insurer, so that you can focus on preparations for your loved one. 

A life insurance claim with a valid nomination to a super dependant is separate to the “estate” and therefore does not need a solicitor to manage.  As claim advocates, ACA have the expertise to engage the trustee and insurer and quickly find out if you are owed a life insurance claim benefit.  We conduct this availability check for free

If life insurance is available, we can manage the claim on your behalf until the life insurance claim is paid.  In fact, it is quicker and more affordable to use an expert claim advocate than a solicitor for a life insurance claim, given our expertise and flat fee service. 

How do I know if we had life insurance?

Most people who have superannuation have a default / automatic  life insurance through their superannuation fund.

When they pass away, their life insurance (or superannuation death benefit) can be distributed to their beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries can include immediate family, partners, financial dependents, and those nominated on the deceased’s policy.

So that you have one less thing to worry about - ACA can help check whether your loved one had life insurance in their superannuation fund - it is a free availability check. 

We can also remove the hassle of managing the life insurance claim, and our expertise ensures that the life insurance claim is prioritised by the insurer.

Life insurance (superannuation death benefits):

Life insurance cover may have been purchased directly or for most working Australians, often superannuation funds (AustralianSuper, Cbus, Hostplus, Hesta etc) have a default level of cover available to members.  

⁞       Life Insurance Policy  (Death Benefit Claims) – the benefit payment is a lump sum paid to the beneficiary upon the death of the policy holder.  The average death / life insurance benefit is almost $300,000.

Note - If the opinion of medical specialists, is that your loved one has less than 12 or 24 months to live, the death benefit is paid in advance (terminal illness benefit).

Did you know?

  • Your loved one was most likely paying premiums for life insurance via their superannuation fund.

  • You don't need the finalised death certificate or report from the Coroner to commence the life insurance claim process.

  • As life insurance may not form part of the "estate", often you do not need a lawyer / solicitor to access life insurance claims.

  • Most solicitors are skilled at working out the "estate" or probate which can take time to finalise.  Managing the life insurance separately to the estate with a claim advocate is quicker and more affordable (the industry average time to have a life insurance claim paid is approx 1 month).

  • If you have a solicitor managing the estate / probate, we can work along side them to manage the life insurance claim. Given our flat fee for service structure - it is also cheaper for you to do so.

  • A life insurance claim and the superannuation balance (super death benefit) may be available to claim.

  • Those entitled to a life insurance claim benefit need to satisfy the following:

    • Were in a close personal relationship with the loved one (e.g. a spouse or a child), or

    • Were financially dependent on the loved one, or

    • Were in an interdependant relationship, or 

    • Were nominated as the beneficiary by the loved one in super or insurance policy

One less thing to worry about...

To understand if your loved one had life insurance call and speak to Bruno or Amanda on 

1300 013 328, or email 

We can engage the trustee / life insurer on your behalf for the free availability check, and then manage the life insurance claim.

© 2021 by AFRM Claims Advocacy

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