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How we help clients

Having the right claim help from the commencement of the claim can make the world of difference.


AFRM Claims Advocacy take the stress out of managing a claim.


We make it easier for you and help you balance both your financial and health outcomes (return to wellness).


This includes help with all claim paperwork,  negotiate with the insurer / trustee on your behalf, and wait on the phone (on hold) with the trustee / insurer for hours - so that we can deliver you the peace of mind you need when you are recovering.

Did you know that ASIC identified that 50% of clients who tried to lodge a claim on their own, withdrew their claims in the first 60 days – due to “claim fatigue”? 


ACA don't give up on your claim - it is important to get the right help from the start.

Below is a short (2min) video that explains how AFRM Claims Advocacy can help you.

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