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With over 20 years claim expertise, AFRM Claims Advocacy understands that when you are injured or ill, you need an expert claim advocate who will maximise your insurance claim benefit payment.


Our service seeks to make the claim process easier for you. This extends to acting on your behalf with the insuer / trustee so that you can focus on your health.

Our help starts with explaining the claim process in plain language, helping complete the claim paperwork, lodging your claim with the insurer/ trustee and following up the insurer / trustee until the claim outcome.

We manage all income protection, trauma, total and permanent disability (TPD) and death claims, and our approach means that we can often achieve a claim outcome quicker than the industry average. Our expertise includes insurance claims as part of your superannuation fund or as a retail insurance policy.  

Across the industry over 90% of claims are paid, so you don't need to litigate against the insurer. Instead you need a claim advocate with expertise to ensure the insurer is being fair and reasonable, delivering you peace of mind throughout the claim process, and a more affordable claim solution.

That is what AFRM Claims Advocacy is - we are experts in managing personal insurance claims for you.

Our Fees

We are one of Australia's only dedicated claim advocates of personal insurance claims.  We are a flat fee for service business – so their are no surprises about our fees. 


Other firms, including law firms charge a percentage of your benefit, we feel this is unfair for clients. So, if you get a quote from a lawyer, or have a cost agreement, compare it to our process and fees.

2 Step Claim Advocacy Process:  Giving clients peace of mind to commence the claim  


2 Step Process of Managing Your Claim

AFRM Claims Advocacy has a 2 Step Claim Process:

1. Claim Triage 

2. Claim Management / Advocacy


Step 1: Claim Triage

Before we launch into the claim, we triage your claim. This involves meeting with the insurer on your behalf and understanding the detail of your insurance policy and how your injury of illness can be claimed. 

At the end of this stage  - we make a recommendation to progress with a claim (and our approach).

This ensures that if a claim is not supported by your insurance policy, you are not putting in time and effort into a claim that is likely to be unsuccessful. 

Of the claims that we have recommeneded post triage stage- 98% have been successful.

Step 2: 
Claim Management / Advocacy 

Advocating on your behalf starts with becoming the main contact with the insurer for your claim (all written and verbal dealings with the insurer), so that you can focus on your health / wellbeing.

Our claim advocacy extends to establishing and preparing the claim (including help with completing claim forms); lodging the claim and then the ongoing management with the insurer until the claim outcome.



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