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How we support Trustees

Supporting Trustees with Member Advocacy

AFRM Claims Advocacy (ACA) supports trustees to advocate for their members whilst delivering upon member and regulator expectations. 

Recent legislative and Code changes place capability and capacity constraints on some Trustees. ACA recognise the challenges and work with Trustees to co-develop a solution that aligns to the fund and member outcomes. 

Trustees recognise ACA's specialist claim capability and replace the role of their current administrator to gain efficiencies, which leads to improved member outcomes whilst delivering upon ASIC's expectations. 

ASIC Report 633 states:  All superannuation trustees should consider having dedicated claims advocates to provide support to members.....If done successfully, this will reduce the need for - and potential costs associated with - lawyers.

Challenges Facing Trustees 

  • Member outcomes -  improve the end to end member claim experience 

  • Members lack trust - 60% of members don't believe their claim will be paid

  • Inefficient pre-assessment - minimise delays, declines, and disputes

  • Members seeking lawyer involvement - adds to the future cost of insurance, can create brand risk and erodes the member benefit

  • Delivering ASIC expectations - trustees are to demonstrate a more robust role in the end to end claims journey. Areas identified include the pre-assessment of claims; helping members with claim forms; overall member communication and ensure the insurer is acting fair and reasonable  throughout the claim journey.  

How can ACA help your Trustee?
If you are a Trustee and would like to know more, call 
runo Muraca on 1300 013 328 or email


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