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Unable to work because of Injury or Illness?

Did you know you may be entitled to a financial benefit through your personal insurance?
We can help you.

We work with clients to make it easier and quicker for them to receive a claim outcome. Our claim advocates act on behalf of the client to ensure the insurer / trustee is being fair and reasonable with the claim.  Our help extends to supporting the client with all the claim paperwork, ensuring a more efficient claim outcome, whilst the client focuses on their health.

AFRM Claims Advocacy (ACA) deliver our clients peace of mind throughout the claim process.  We take the worry away from the client and create a client experience that balances both financial and health outcomes ( return to wellness). 

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AFRM Claims Advocacy are claim industry experts - as featured on Sky News


AFRM Claims Advocacy Services makes the claim process easier for clients.   We act on behalf of the client with the insurer / trustee so that the client can focus on their health. Our personalised service and expertise ensures better financial and health outcomes for our clients.

We believe that enhancing the clients experience commences with        information & education.                    Our expertise enables us to inform clients of their insurance cover and claims process



We engage with clients and advocate on their behalf to reduce delays; ensuring clients are supported throughout the claim process, from the paperwork to navigating the insurers and medicals


ACA recognises that a client’s sense of purpose and societal contribution changes during the time they are making an insurance claim. Our focus is on early rehabilitation which facilitates the client’s return to wellness and restores their wellbeing.



  • Have an expert claim advocate to explain your insurance policy in plain language

  • Peace of mind that an independent insurance claims advocate is liaising with the insurer / trustee on your behalf

  • Make it easier for you, by reducing the administration burden of completing claim paperwork

  • Maximising your insurance benefit payment by considering all the features of your policy and how they apply to your claim

  • Maximise your insurance benefit by removing the need to seek legal advice

  • Ensure that the insurer is being fair and reasonable with the assessment of your claim

  • Improved health outcomes and supporting your personalised return to wellness plan​

  • Make it easier and quicker for families to receive their loved ones life insurance claim payment


Level 37, 140 William Street, 

Melbourne VIC 3000

PO Box 866

The Junction NSW 2291


Phone: 1300 013 328

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