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Whole of Patient Experience  

Society is seeing an increasing need for health services. Recently delays in elective surgery has placed further pressure on patients and the cost of health.

The recent Australian Healthcare Index (2021) research highlighted that patients main concerns included the cost of private health insurance and surgery delays. 


The Index outcomes coupled with the increase in out of pocket expenses has some private health insurers considering alternate support for their members.

AFRM Claims Advocacy (ACA) with a selection of private health insurers and hospitals are continuously seeking ways to improve value for money for members and patients by helping to alleviate the financial stress whilst injured / ill.

Members and patients  who have engaged ACA are more likely to afford medical treatment, pay off their out of medical pocket expenses (at a time when they have limited work capacity) and alleviate financial stress whilst waiting for elective surgery. 


Paul,  52-year-old, has had hip surgery – originally scheduled for August – delayed, leaving him unable to do his job as a bricklayer.  He is unaware if his superannuation plan incorporates an income protection component. It does, as many plans do, and he engages ACA to help him lodge an income protection claim which pays him 75 per cent of his regular income. 

Now Paul is still waiting for his surgery, but at least he has some money to pay for day to day living, including any out of pocket medical expenses.  He also knows that his income protection policy will continue whilst he is recovering and until he is fit enough to return to work.

If you are on an elective surgery waiting list - contact ACA to find out if you can be paid an income whilst you wait from your personal insuranCe in your super fund.

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